In the case of numerous transactions such as acquisition or sale of companies, structural measures under company law, valuation of shares or division of the estate, the value of a company plays an important part.


Our expertise concerning the determination of company values comprises, besides the fundamental business management knowledge from the areas of cost accounting and performance accounting, controlling, investment and financing, also a specific understanding of the sector and of the market environment.


Whether for the business valuation within the scope of squeeze-outs and mergers or in the case of decisions by fairness opinions: the PKF valuation experts support you efficiently with the implementation of your entrepreneurial objectives.


Our corporate services, which include:

  • Transaction support
  • Business valuation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Project financing

Whether be it acquisition, divestment, merger, pre-IPO preparation, our consultants render valuable support to increase the likelihood of closing valuable deals and help companies to strike better and stronger agreements – or, alternatively, to conclude early in the process that a deal’s business rationale doesn’t stand up to scrutiny or when information required for robust due diligence is elusive. To effectively conclude a transaction, a logical first step would be to begin investing more aggressively in due diligence and other pre-investment studies. We have assisted clients by providing financial due diligence, selective commercial due diligence, pre-investment industry competitiveness studies to assist investorsfacquirers evaluate investment outcomes.

  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Deal structuring

Many a times business ideas falter and fail to deliver value. Principal reason for such failure is the absence of a rigorous market, technical and financial analysis. Detail oriented planning reflects objective reality and is an essential ingredient of successful businesses, both new and ongoing. Over the past several years, we have assisted valued clients in decision making process concerning new projects or expansion of existing businesses by devising strategic plan, developing feasibility studies and business plans. Our expertise also includes financial modeling skills that benefit our clients by helping develop dynamic financial model that are flexible for extreme stress testing. In industry domains where specialized technical knowledge is required, we also appoint and liaise on behalf of our clients with technical specialists to ensure the client receives the right

advice. Strategic planning is an integral part of any business decision and therefore crucial to achieve long term results. With strategic planning, we achieve for our clients, decisions in prioritizing business initiatives and aid in capacity planning.

It’s been said that the one thing you must accept is change. Without change there is no progress. We believe that for a business or organization to thrive in the future it must be adaptable and willing to change. We’ve designed our business advisory servicesto address the ever changing business and economic environment in which we all must operate. At PKF our aim is to ensure your continued prosperity and success

The list of our business advisory services below will show you the many ways that PKF can assist with the challenges facing you now and in the future.


  • :. Company Formation advisory services

.:. Company Liquidation services

.:. Operating and accounting procedures manuals

.:. Business restructuring and rehabilitation studies

.:. Growth strategy development

.:. Profit improvement studies

.:. Information systems design and implementation

As the operating environment for businesses grows increasingly complex, business owners have an ever-greater need for reliable information on which to base their business decisions. Financial modeling is a tool, which provides valuable support for those decisions. The professionals at PKF have developed financial models for numerous businesses of varying sizes and organizational structures in a variety of industries. Our thorough understanding of businesses and their financial operating requirements enables us to assist managements in projecting future financial operating results.

As the operating environment for businesses grow increasingly complex, business owners have an ever-greater need for reliable information on which to base their business owners have an ever-greater need for reliable information on which to base their business decisions.


The information derived from a financial model can be used for such purposes as:

  • Financing requirements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Balance sheet management
  • Compensation programs
  • Valuations
  • Managing growth