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The first PKF Millennials meeting launched in Copenhagen

20 Sep 2018

The first PKF Millennials meeting was launched at PKF Munkebo Vindelev in Denmark on Friday 7 September. The meeting focused on promoting PKF values and resources to staff under the age of 33.

The purpose was to connect attendees within the network to build a future for our profession with a stable, innovative core of PKF firms.

Attendance was high with representatives from PKF WMS in Osnabruck, PKF Wallast in the Netherlands, PKF VMB in Belgium, PKF MCD in Russia, PKF Poland, PKF Munkebo Vindelev in Denmark, PKF Estonia and PKF Beckman Lundevall in Norway.

The day consisted of an overview of PKF Enabling Resources, where attendees learnt about the business resources available within the network to support their roles and personal development, followed by a presentation on self-service analytics. Attendees also looked at how the millennials picture their dream workplace and how they wish their careers to develop, including how PKF will support them on this journey.

“One of the items I would definitely bring to the PKF International Board agenda is to ensure that everything is possible for young staff so that they become more and more included into the PKF Family for the good of all”, comments Kasper Vindelev, Managing Partner at PKF Munkebo Vindelev, who greatly supported and drove this meeting.

Success of this meeting provides the basis to roll out the PKF Millennials initiative across all PKF firms. This is a great opportunity for those who want to get involved and to have a successful future through innovative growth; exploring new ways of data analytics and digitally disrupting the accounting profession.

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