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PKF ATTEST publishes a guide for professional athletes

15 Jan 2018

PKF ATTEST with the collaboration of AFE publishes "PKF ATTEST guide for professional athletes (and how not to lose half of the gains made along the way)".

The PKF Attest guide for professional athletes is a simple guide that contains information, reflections, experiences and advice about losses in the assets of many athletes.

Iñigo Ábrego, one of the three authors of the manual states, “elite athletes end up losing throughout their sporting life no less than a third of their fortune earned. Fortune that should enable them to have a second or more quiet working life at a level comparable to that enjoyed in their "glory years". "

The publication has the collaboration of a score of players and elite ex-players. It is called 'PKF Attest Guide for professional athletes', but it has a more suggestive subtitle: 'and how not to lose half of the gains made along the way'. Throughout just 100 pages and with easy-to-read short chapters, the guide breaks down most of the fiscal aspects that can worry players, including separation or divorce.

The prologue of the guide is written by Iago Aspas and Álvaro Domínguez. The Real Club Celta de Vigo striker says he has rejected many proposals to start a business with promises of high profitability but recalls that several colleagues have committed to an investment after a meal or dinner which has cost them dearly.

But there are many more athletes, such as Raúl García, Escudero, Arribas or Miguel Torres, who have contributed their experiences for the preparation of the manual and are involved in the project. Adrián López even states that "the PKF-ATTEST guide is the leading book that every athlete should have on their bedside table".  Ándrés Fernández emphasizes that "money is not the most important thing in this life, but nobody should lose a single euro in useless matters". And Fran Rico recommends "not investing in something you do not understand".

If you are an elite athlete do not hesitate to expand your information with this guide at http://guiapkfattest.com where you will find, among others, the testimonies of the elite footballers.

For more information please contact Maria Gonzalez Elejalde at maria.gonzalez@pkf-attest.es, +34 94 424 30 24.

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