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Southwest Europe Cluster Meeting in Madrid

21 Dec 2018

Madrid, December 2018: The Southwest European Cluster came together for their second physical meeting mid-December in Madrid. PKF Attest kindly hosted participants from PKF Portugal, Paris based PKF FiSolutions, Italian member firms PKF Studio TCL, PKF MGP and PKF Italia as well as Spanish partner firm PKF Audiec from Barcelona.

This year's meeting focused on Clients, Branding and Business Solutions. The major goal was to systemically increase the number of clients being served by PKF member firms in various countries. Group discussions identified potential service needs of the cluster's international clients.

Following clients expectations of equal service level and quality, common branding was discussed as the basis to offer not only seamless service support, but also the same look & feel to cross-border clients. Inspired by the key note speech on service quality at this year's Global Gathering, the group identified details in the service delivery that can upgrade your service level to a "Celebrity Service" as described by author Geoff Ramm.

The host firm PKF Attest proudly presented some of their unique departments such as Innovation Management, Debt Capital Markets, HR Consulting and Technology Risks with potential to extend their services within the cluster and to provide expert services to the cluster's clients in other countries.

If you would like to learn more about an alternative and highly profitable financial instrument for funding, possibilities for certified innovation support or consultation in the area of Cybersecurity, GDPR and other technological trends, please contact Juan Carlos Sanchez, responsible for Business Development at PKF Attest, at jcsanchez@pkf-attest.es

After a full day of successful business sessions, delegates said their good-byes for 2018 and left with a number of action points. Once again - a big thank you to PKF Attest for sponsoring this meeting and providing a unique Spanish style dinner.

For more information please contact emei@pkf.com.  

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