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Nordics-Baltics Cluster Meeting

07 Sep 2018

September 2018, Riga: The Nordic-Baltics cluster initiative continues to develop, through cluster calls, sharing experiences and information and cluster meetings.

The most recent meeting was held in Riga (capital of Latvia). Participants came from PKF Revidentia in Sweden, PKF Beckman Lundevall in Norway, PKF Munkebo Vindelev in Denmark, PKF Latvia and PKF Estonia, alongside guests from PKF Fasselt Schlage in Hamburg and PKF Poland in Gdansk, as well as guests from a partnering firm Rantalainen in Finland.

At the meeting, each firm gave a presentation, which were used as a basis for discussing best practice and common challenges. The current PKFI strategy highlights the role of regional clusters, taking advantage of geographical similarities and business relations. Participants also learnt about the new audit and tax resources available for our member firms and how they can make better use of our internal platform for communication.

At the end of the meeting, member firms ran through a strategic planning session to define the cluster’s priorities for 2019.

Overall, this meeting was very informative and contributed to building trust among the firms through increased connectivity.

To find out more about this meeting, please contact emei@pkf.com.

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